Connecting to GenomeSync


Connecting via Syncthing

  1. If you are behind a firewall or router, you need to configure it to be able to receive incoming connections to TCP port 22000 (help)
  2. Download and start Syncthing
  3. In the Syncthing web interface, click "Add Device" button and device with this ID:
    - Keep Device Name empty
    - Keep Addresses as "dynamic"
    - Check "Introducer" box
    - Don't select any folders for sharing
  4. Wait until your device is added on master node (may take a day or two)
  5. You will then see a "New Folder" message saying that KIRR-PC wants to share "GenomeSync" folder with you.
    - Click "Add" and select the location for this folder ("Folder Path" field).
    - The hard drive where you save the folder should have sufficient free space
    - Change rescan iterval to 3600 seconds (one hour), or longer, instead of default 1 minute.
    - Leave "Folder Master" checkbox clear. - Click "Save"
  6. Syncthing will show a "Restart Needed" message. Click "Restart" (it only restarts Syncthing, not the whole machine).
  7. Wait for your machine to synchronize with the cluster. It may take under one day if you have good connection and fast CPU.

Note: Syncthing does not set itself to auto-start. It's OK to start it manually each time you restart the machine, alternatively you can use your OS facility to set it to auto-start (such as Startup folder in Windows).

Verifying the integrity of dowloaded files

You can use the following sets of SHA hashes:

Example command: bzip2 -dc ~/tmp/all.fna.bz2.sha512.bz2 | sha512sum -c (execute in bz2 directory).

Downloading part of the database

In Syncthing window, click "Edit" on a folder, then click "Ignore patterns" and type some patterns you want to ignore. (docs, discussion).

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